Global Restaurateur. Michelin-starred Gypsy Chef.

The most powerful experiences in my life are those that include food.  Travel continues to be my greatest inspiration and the most important tool in crafting unique culinary experiences.  Food is at the heart of every great city and small town and with every new mile put under foot, I gain added respect for fresh, seasonal ingredients that reflect the bounty of the land and the spirit of the culture. As we develop each project, our intention is to celebrate and balance compelling design, authentic and seasonal ingredients and sincere service. We aim to create a special journey for every guest that reflects the powerful union of travel and cuisine.

Gypsy Chef, global citizen and wandering soul, David Myers is based in Los Angeles, but is most often found in his restaurants in Tokyo, Singapore, and Dubai. 

David has trained under several for the world's most renowned chefs, including Charlie Trotter, Gerard Boyer and Daniel Boulud. In each of Davidโ€™s restaurants, he draws upon the unique flavours and ingredients discovered in his travels around the world to create an exclusive collection of dining and drinking experiences. Each of his concepts offer a varied taste of his unique culinary and personal style. 

His commitment to creativity, harmony and perfection in the kitchen has garnered remarkable success. David was named Best New Chef by Food & Wine magazine in 2003. His former LA flagship restaurant, Sona, was awarded one Michelin star in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Other past projects include Pizzeria Ortica, Sola, Comme ca, AnOther Place and hinoki & the bird.